EXCLUSIVE SHOCK REPORT: White genocide in South Africa – Government, media and social networks bury the fact (video)

Reportage: Katahanas (G. Metaxas)


This article contains hard material. If you are sensitive or suffer from a heart disease please do not read this article. If despite the warning you continue in reading the article you do so at your own risk.

In an earlier article I mentioned that in Southern Africa the Apartheid regime has now changed into «Black Apartheid». The communist leader Nelson Mandela, always in collaboration with the New World Order, fought a struggle in southern Africa to bring down the racist regime, as they called it. The truth is that the indigenous population had suffered quite a lot. First, the English, that made South Africa their colony, and then the Dutch, who succeeded them, treated the native population very brutally. It was indeed a brutal enslavement.

It was 1990 when Nelson Mandela was released, only to take over the presidency of the country in 1994 in the first elections in which both black and white people were allowed to vote. From then on the country took a different turn. Slowly crime increased. Gangs of colored people were and still are lording over all the streets, with crime and rape rates skyrocketing. A related study reported that in 2020, 42,289 incidents of rape and 7,749 cases of sexual assault were reported. That is, about 115 rapes per day had been reported.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Since 1994 to date, over 68,000 white farmers have been murdered, according to People Against Afrikaner Genocide.

Popular South African musician Steve Hofmeyr has claimed that the number of white South Africans killed by blacks would fill a football stadium, that white Afrikaners are killed «like flies» and that a white farmer is murdered every five days. Predictably, South African fact checkers were quick to refute the musician’s claims. The familiar old and applied tactic…

Within a day of its posting, Hofmeyr’s blog entry and a pie chart he used to support some of his claims were «liked» by more than 2 000 Facebook users. A similar number also shared the post on their Facebook pages.

The Facebook entry was subsequently removed, but was later re-posted without the pie chart.

In general, any post made on the subject on social networks disappears. This attempt by the South African government to silence those who speak out about white genocide is doomed to fail, just as the silencing of our familiar vaccines has failed.

The video below shows a white South African farmer being savagely beaten by blacks.

Is this the concept of democracy that the South African government is selling to the world?

The country has clearly gone from white Apartheid to black Apartheid. What they used to blame the whites for, they are now doing themselves. And to a worse degree! Typical is the case of Dlugwane Mfundo, who in 2010 called for the coloured population to murder white babies on the grounds that these children when they grow up will become oppressors of black people…

From 1994 to the present day, 28 years later, the genocide of South African whites goes unnoticed. When we consider that in the United States if a black person is beaten by a white person there are entire demonstrations, riots break out and the situation gets out of hand and out of control, then we are entitled to say that a conspiracy of lewd genocide, fully accepted by the entire planet, is being committed in South Africa.

According to the data we have, between January 2018 and June 2018 we had 39 murders of white farmers, which is about 1 murder every 4.6 days. Have you guys heard anything? Of course not!

The Black Lives Matter policy that applies to all social networks, but especially on Facebook, requires that posts referring to these events must disappear because, as we know, they «do not follow the rules of the community». But the rules of the community are not violated when a black Facebook user calls for all white people to be murdered. Obviously Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is consenting to the disappearance of whites.

This user’s post was completely «democratically» taken down by Facebook and the user was punished with a 30-day block. His crime was that he wondered what they should finally do to stop black people from murdering white people.

On the other hand, this user’s post here is fine on Facebook. This user is «following» the Facebook track rules by calling for all white people to be murdered, just like Hitler did with the Jews… And considering what is happening in Ukraine, and what Facebook is doing for posts against Ukraine, it is logical to understand that Facebook is following Nazi tactics. But does it strike you as odd that Black is using Nazi orders and tactics? Wrong! Don’t forget that BLM members do the same.

My contact in South Africa who contacted me to convey the tragic events experienced by white South Africans described scenes of «infinite beauty».

White South Africans are treated with hostility and contempt in all public services, in the police, in the fire service and even in hospitals. They receive indifference and disdain everywhere. This is at best, because at worst they will have to deal with guns, cane, stones, clubs and more.

He described to me a scene in which a white South African went to the electricity company to settle a debt. But the debt was more than what he actually owed. When he complained to the clerk The clerk replied with disdain, «Who told you to have the colour of skin you have?»

And if you think things are better in the private sector, you’re wrong! Racism has crossed over there too. Many stores ban white people from entering, while others, thinking of profit, simply don’t accept white employees. Like the owner of this store, who refuses to accept white people either as customers or employees:

In a suburb of Johannesburg, Heildemberg, residents were forced to go without water for several days on the grounds that the reservoir had run dry. By ‘coincidence’, the suburb in question is predominantly inhabited by white South Africans. During all this time, residents were forced to go to the fire station in order to get water for their daily needs. They had to spend entire fortunes in order to buy bottled water for their food and drinking needs.

Whether or not the reservoir had actually run dry is something we cannot know. But what are the chances of a tank running dry and nobody noticing? What are also the chances that a reservoir is close to running dry and the authorities do not take care to replenish the water?

Considering how the South African government treats its white citizens, we can only extract one word about this particular incident: DISHONESTY!

The fact is that in many respects the action of the blacks is strongly reminiscent of the action of the Black Panthers, the communist organization that supposedly called for equality.

Naturally, the whites of South Africa have reasonably realized that whites are after all the only race that one can legally exterminate even by making laws about it…

It is truly appalling to realise that the rage of South African blacks is directed not only against adults but also against elderly people and children. Without any mercy, they beat and murder without any regard for who is in front of them.

All this gives us the right to call the South African regime fascist. We see the example of the United States in South Africa. The demand for equality turns into a fascism greater than the one they wanted to expel. So let some ask themselves, is this the meaning that Dr. Martin Luther King gave?

«Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.»

Dr. Martin Luther King

What is happening in South Africa can in no way be said to have anything to do with the light that Dr. Martin Luther King spoke about. On the contrary, it can only mean darkness. A darkness where the wronged have become worse than those who wronged them.

I hope that this article will reach the ends of the world so that all people can learn about the genocide that has been taking place since 1994 until now in South Africa. All people, regardless of race, regardless of age, regardless of colour, to join our voices to stop this heinous tragedy. Let us all join together to condemn the racism and fascism of the South African government.

All of us in response to the demand of Black Lives Matter we respond All Lives Matter!


    • My brother, violence can only bring no violence. And that’s a fact. After a while, the only word that will come out of both sides will be «retaliation». Until one is left standing. And then what?
      Have you ever thought that this circle of violence is helping NWO plans for depopulation?
      All that we want is every nation to stay at its borders. After all in the South African community, white people live among bleck people. Others by choice, others because they have no alternatives. And this circle of violence that has started since 1994, will only get worse. We have to protect all those white people. It’s our obligation. But by using violence we only condemn then to certain extinguish.

      Μου αρέσει!

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